Roles & Responsibilities

The following matrix outlines various components and responsibilities that establishes who amongst the various teams involved are Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed for each action or component. We use the RACI Matrix to assign responsibilities.


There are four teams involved in these processes. Team membership is not exclusive. Members may be part of multiple teams.

Team Abbreviation Description
DevOps Engineering DEVOPS Engineers specializing on developing infrastructure and tools that allow Software Engineers to specify how the application would be run.Responsible for creating and support monitoring, alerting and backup/restore of systems.
Software Engineering DEV Full Stack Engineers who work on software development, create tests and specify how that soft will be run in the cluster. Use tools provided by DevOps and QA engineers.
QA Engineering QA Engineers developing tools and frameworks that simplify creation of tests.
Engineering Managers MGMT Project managers with technical expertise.


These are the responsibility of various roles.

Responsibilities Responsible Accountable Consulted Informed
Integration Tests
Unit Tests
Acceptance Tests
On Call / Pager Duty
Infrastructure as Code(e.g. kops)
Backing Services(e.g. databases)
Platform Services(E.g. kube2iam, external-dns, ingress)
Chart Code Reviews
Chart Deployment
CI/CD Pipelines
Docker Code Reviews
Terraform Code Reviews
Terraform Modules
Software Development