Postmortem Template

Here is the general format of Postmortems writeups that we use at Cloud Posse.

Incident #1 - Descriptive Name of Incident (2018-06-06)

Facts value
On-call Engineer John Doe
Start Time 2018-06-06 12:58 PST
End Time 2018-06-06 13:55 PST
Total Duration 39 Minutes
Affected Systems Production Web Tier



A brief explanation of what happened and what went wrong.


This should read like an executive summary of the problem. It should include:

  • When did it start, end and total duration
  • It should be entirely blameless - do not assign blame to individuals, only to processes
  • List affected systems and if customers were affected

FIVE whys

Explain why the outage happened. Ask “why” for each reason given.

  1. Reason 1
  2. Reason 2
  3. Reason 3
  4. Reason 4
  5. Reason 5

Unexplained problems

Explain what is not understood, even after the post-mortem.


List of actions performed to resolve the problem:

  • E.g. rolled back site to the previous version

What did not help/work:

These attempted remediations had no positive impact.

  • E.g. rebooting nodes, restarting processes


Short term

List short-term planned fixes with links to the ticketing system. These are fixes that should be carried out ASAP.

  • Fix 1
  • Fix 2

Medium term

  • Fix 3
  • Fix 4

Other Considerations

  • List other suggestions to reduce/mitigate/eliminate the root cause


Supporting Charts

  • Include screenshots from monitoring systems (E.g. Pingdom, Datadog, Prometheus, etc)

Related Post Mortems

  • List any related Post Mortems
  • Include links to relevant documentation, GitHub Issues, etc.