Backing Services

Backing Services

This is a hybrid of two types: Infrastructure as a Code and Deployable backing services.

  • Application Backing Services (databases, redis, memcache, sqs)
  • Platform Backing Services (support kops like kube2iam, external-dns, ingress)
  • Infrastructure Backing Services (support Platform Backing Services, like S3 buckets for kops, IAM roles for external-dns, and kube2iam, etc)

Deployable backing services is sort of Deployable applications differs from it with manual deployment. Depend of software purpose, one of this types can be missed.

Backing Services usually extends the functionality of kubernetes or provide some services for CI/CD and development (example: artifact storage / chartmuseum / external dns / tls certbot )

Backing Services stored in the same repo with Infrastructure as a Code software. So Backing Services does not have independent build, test and release steps. On deploy step Backing Services deploys independently from umbrella Infrastructure as a Code app.

Backing Services Process loop