Cloud Posse

Terraform Supported Modules

Cloud Posse is the largest provider of high quality, fully composable open source Terraform Modules (APACHE2).

Our 60+ modules make it easy to get up and running quickly. We've literally spent thousands of hours building out infrastructure and bundled that know-how into turnkey modules that you can use to get started quickly.

All of our modules are battle-tested and encompass our best-practices for how to provision infrastructure. We update our modules regularly and also receive contributions from the community. We practice Semantic Versioning on all of our modules. This lets you use version pining to ensure your infrastructure will remain stable and let you upgrade to new releases only when you're ready.

Module Category
Module Purpose

Use terraform to perform routine backups. Easily backup EFS filesystems filesystems or automatically create AMI snapshots of running instances.

Use terraform to provision CloudFront CDNs backed by S3 websites.

Use terraform to provision e2e build-pipelines.

Use terraform to provision databases like redis or dynamodb.

Use terraform to provision essential backing services for Kops resources and Helm Charts

Use terraform to provision terraform-aws-cloudtrail and encrypted logging buckets with lifecycle rules.

Use terraform to provision standard types of monitors.

Use terraform to provision VPCs, subnets, EFS filesystems and more.

Use terraform to provision platform services like Elastic Beanstalk or EC2 instances.

Use terraform to provision resources to provide better security and audit trails.

Use terraform to provision "user data" stubs for EC2 instances which can be passed as "Cloud Init" data.

Terraform Supported Modules