Prometheus Operator

PrometheusOperator provides CRUD that simplifies creation/configuration/managment of Prometheus and AlertManager. Dependencies None Install You can install prometheus-operator in a few different ways, but we recomend to use the Master Helmfile. Install using Master Helmfile To install prometheus-operator run Install prometheus-operator helmfile -f /conf/kops/helmfile.yaml –selector namespace=kube-system,chart=prometheus-operator sync These are some of the environment variables you may want to configure: PROMETHEUS_OPERATOR_IMAGE_TAG - Version of prometheus-operator image PROMETHEUS_OPERATOR_GLOBAL_HYPERKUBE_IMAGE_TAG - Version of hyperkube image PROMETHEUS_OPERATOR_PROMETHEUS_CONFIG_RELOADER_IMAGE_TAG - Version of prometheus-config-reloader image PROMETHEUS_OPERATOR_CONFIGMAP_RELOAD_IMAGE_TAG - Version of configmap-reload image Environment variables can be specified in the Geodesic Module’s Dockerfile or using Chamber storage, which is recommended for all secrets. read more »