Codefresh Cron Triggers

Cron triggers allow you to schedule jobs to run periodically using a cron-style time specifier.

Codefresh supports triggers which can execute a pipeline based on external webooks or cronjobs.


  1. First setup a pipeline the way you would for any other kind of build.

  2. Navigate to the “Configuration” and select “Add Trigger”

    Pipeline Configuration

  3. Select “CRON” as the type and click “Next”



  4. Pick a schedule

    Pick Schedule


If rebuilding docker images, you may need to disable docker caching by adding no_cache: true to the type: build step in the pipeline.

  title: Build image
  type: build
  description: Build Postgres image with dataset for local development
  image_name: dataset
  dockerfile: Dockerfile
  no_cache: true