Terraform module to provision AWS RDS instances

Terraform AWS RDS

GitHub Repo https://github.com/cloudposse/terraform-aws-rds
Terraform Module terraform-aws-rds
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The module will create: * DB instance (MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server, Oracle) * DB Parameter Group * DB Subnet Group * DB Security Group * DNS Record in Route53 for the DB endpoint


  • stage - The deployment stage (e.g. prod, staging, dev)
  • namespace - The namespace of the application the DB instance belongs to (e.g. global, shared, or the name of your company like cloudposse)
  • name - The name of the application the DB instance belongs to
  • dns_zone_id - The ID of the DNS Zone in Route53 where a new DNS record will be created for the DB host name
  • host_name - The DB host name created in Route53
  • security_group_ids - The IDs of the security groups from which to allow ingress traffic to the DB instance
  • database_name - (Optional) The name of the database to create when the DB instance is created
  • database_user - (Required unless a snapshot_identifier or replicate_source_db is provided) Username for the master DB user
  • database_password - (Required unless a snapshot_identifier or replicate_source_db is provided) Password for the master DB user
  • database_port - Database port (e.g. 3306 for MySQL). Used in the DB Security Group to allow access to the DB instance from the provided security_group_ids
  • multi_az - Default false. Set to true for a multi-AZ deployment (recommended for production)
  • storage_type - One of standard (magnetic), gp2 (general purpose SSD), or io1 (provisioned IOPS SSD). Default standard (magnetic)
  • iops - The amount of provisioned IOPS. Setting this implies a storage_type of io1. Default is 0 if rds storage type is not io1
  • allocated_storage - The number of GBs to allocate for DB storage. Must be an integer, e.g. 10
  • storage_encrypted - (Optional) Specifies whether the DB instance is encrypted. The default is false if not specified.
  • engine - Engine type, such as mysql or postgres
  • engine_version - DB Engine version, e.g. 9.5.4 for Postgres
  • instance_class - Instance class, e.g. db.t2.micro
  • db_parameter_group - DB Parameter Group, e.g. mysql5.6 for MySQL, postgres9.5 for Postgres
  • publicly_accessible - Determines if the DB instance can be publicly accessed from the Internet. Default false
  • subnet_ids - List of subnets IDs in the VPC, e.g. ["sb-1234567890", "sb-0987654321"]
  • vpc_id - VPC ID the DB instance will be connected to
  • auto_minor_version_upgrade - Automatically upgrade minor version of the DB (eg. from Postgres 9.5.3 to Postgres 9.5.4). Default true
  • allow_major_version_upgrade - Allow upgrading of major version of database. Default false. Important: if you are using a snapshot for creating an instance, this option should be set to true (if engine versions specified in the manifest and in the snapshot are different)
  • apply_immediately - Specifies whether any database modifications are applied immediately, or during the next maintenance window. Default false
  • maintenance_window - The window to perform maintenance in. Default "Mon:03:00-Mon:04:00"
  • skip_final_snapshot - If true (default), DB won’t be backed up before deletion
  • copy_tags_to_snapshot - Copy all tags from RDS database to snapshot. Default true
  • backup_retention_period - Backup retention period in days (default 0). Must be > 0 to enable backups
  • backup_window - When to perform DB snapshots. Default "22:00-03:00". Can’t overlap with the maintenance window
  • db_parameter - A list of DB parameters to apply. Note that parameters may differ from a family to an other
  • snapshot_identifier - Specifies whether or not to create this database from a snapshot. This correlates to the snapshot ID you’d find in the RDS console, e.g: rds:production-2015-06-26-06-05
  • final_snapshot_identifier - Specifies whether or not to create a final snapshot for this database when destroing. This option must be set if skip_final_snapshot = false. E.g.: "dbname-final-snapshot-${md5(timestamp())}"
  • parameter_group_name - (Optional) Name of the DB parameter group to associate (e.g. mysql-5-6)


  • instance_id - ID of the instance
  • instance_address - Address of the instance
  • instance_endpoint - DNS Endpoint of the instance
  • subnet_group_id - ID of the Subnet Group
  • security_group_id - ID of the Security Group
  • parameter_group_id - ID of the Parameter Group
  • hostname - DNS host name of the instance