This module creates an S3 bucket suitable for receiving logs from other AWS services such as S3, CloudFront, and CloudTrails.

Terraform AWS S3 Log Storage

GitHub Repo https://github.com/cloudposse/terraform-aws-s3-log-storage
Terraform Module terraform-aws-s3-log-storage
Release Release
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It implements a configurable log retention policy, which allows you to efficiently manage logs across different storage classes (e.g. Glacier) and ultimately expire the data altogether.

It enables server-side default encryption.




module "log_storage" {
  source                           = "git::https://github.com/cloudposse/terraform-aws-s3-log-storage.git?ref=master"
  domain_name                      = "example.com"
  proces_domain_validation_options = "true"
  ttl                              = "300"


Name Default Description Required
namespace Namespace (e.g. cp or cloudposse) Yes
force_destroy All objects will be forcefully deleted from the bucket when bucket destroyed No
lifecycle_rule_enabled true Enable object lifecycle rules on this bucket No
versioning_enabled false Versioning is a means of keeping multiple variants of an object in the same bucket No
noncurrent_version_transition_days 30 Number of days to persist in the standard storage tier before moving to the glacier tier No
noncurrent_version_expiration_days 90 Specifies when noncurrent object versions expire No
standard_transition_days 30 Number of days to persist in the standard storage tier before moving to the infrequent access tier No
glacier_transition_days 60 Number of days after which to move the data to the glacier storage tier No
expiration_days 90 Number of days after which to expunge the objects No
sse_algorithm AES256 The server-side encryption algorithm to use. Valid values are AES256 and aws:kms No
kms_master_key_id The AWS KMS master key ID used for the SSE-KMS encryption. This can only be used when you set the value of sse_algorithm as aws:kms. The default AWS/S3 AWS KMS master key is used if this element is absent while the sse_algorithm is aws:kms No
stage Stage (e.g. prod, dev, staging) Yes
name Name (e.g. log) Yes
attributes [] Additional attributes (e.g. policy or role) No
tags {} Additional tags (e.g. map("BusinessUnit","XYZ") No
acl log-delivery-write The canned ACL to apply No
policy A valid bucket policy JSON document No
prefix Object key prefix identifying one or more objects to which the lifecycle rule applies No
region If specified, the AWS region this bucket should reside in. Defaults to region of callee. No


Name Description
bucket_domain_name FQDN of bucket
bucket_id Bucket Name (aka ID)
bucket_arn Bucket ARN
prefix Prefix configured for lifecycle rules