Terraform module to provision an AWS ECR Docker Container registry.

Terraform AWS ECR

GitHub Repo https://github.com/cloudposse/terraform-aws-ecr
Terraform Module terraform-aws-ecr
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The module works in two distinct modes:

  1. If you provide the existing IAM Role names in the roles attribute, the Roles will be granted permissions to work with the created registry.

  2. If the roles attribute is omitted or is an empty list, a new IAM Role will be created and granted all the required permissions to work with the registry. The Role name will be assigned to the output variable role_name. In addition, an EC2 Instance Profile will be created from the new IAM Role, which might be assigned to EC2 instances granting them permissions to work with the ECR registry.

Include this repository as a module in your existing terraform code:


module "ecr" {
  source                           = "git::https://github.com/cloudposse/terraform-aws-ecr.git?ref=master"
  domain_name                      = "example.com"
  proces_domain_validation_options = "true"
  ttl                              = "300"


Name Default Description Required
namespace global Namespace (e.g. cp or cloudposse) Yes
stage default Stage (e.g. prod, dev, staging) Yes
name admin The Name of the application or solution (e.g. bastion or portal) Yes
roles [] List of IAM role names that will be granted permissions to use the container registry Yes
max_image_count 7 How many Docker Image versions AWS ECR will store No (optional)


Name Description
registry_id ID of the created AWS Container Registry
registry_url URL to the created AWS Container Registry
role_name (Optional) The name of the newly created IAM role that has access to the registry