Terraform module designed to use template file to generate the bootstrap shell script user_data.sh

Terraform Template User Data NFS

GitHub Repo https://github.com/cloudposse/terraform-template-user-data-nfs
Terraform Module terraform-template-user-data-nfs
Release Release
Build Status Build Status


Include this module in your existing terraform code:


module "user_data_nfs" {
  source                           = "git::https://github.com/cloudposse/terraform-template-user-data-nfs.git?ref=master"
  domain_name                      = "example.com"
  proces_domain_validation_options = "true"
  ttl                              = "300"


Name Default Description Required
namespace `` Namespace (e.g. cp or cloudposse) Yes
stage `` Stage (e.g. prod, dev, staging) Yes
name `` Name (e.g. bastion or db) Yes
dir `` Directory mount to Yes
host `` NFS server host Yes
os ubuntu Server OS that will execute user data script No