Terraform Best Practices

Use Git Workflow Infrastructure as Code Infrastructure as Code is essential for managing change control and as a system of record for disaster recovery. Configuration is a form of Intellectual Property. Without the code, you don’t own the IP. Feature Branches Recommend using a consistent naming convention for branch names by all developers. Using a convention will help developers to navigate branches. Pull Requests Pull Requests should express ## what changed and ## why it changed (e. read more »

Terraform Tips & Tricks

Use Pre Commit Hooks for Linting We strongly urge that all code be linted prior to checking into to git. Running terraform fmt on the codebase before committing will accomplish this. To set this up so that it happens automatically prior to any commit, configure git pre-commit hooks using the pre-commit utility. OSX Installation brew install pre-commit Then run pre-commit install in a given terraform repo to configure the hooks. read more »