Cloud Posse installer and distribution of native apps.

“Packages” is the Cloud Posse distribution of native apps. Use this repo to easily install binary releases of popular apps such as all of our standard tools. This is useful for inclusion into a Dockerfile to install dependencies.


Clone the repo.

git clone [email protected]:cloudposse/packages.git

See all available packages:

make -C packages/install help

Install everything…

make -C packages/install all

Install specific packages:

make -C packages/install aws-vault chamber

Install to a specific folder:

make -C packages/install aws-vault INSTALL_PATH=/usr/bin

Add this to a Dockerfile to easily install packages:

RUN git clone --depth=1 -b master /packages && \
    rm -rf /packages/.git && \
    make -C /packages/install kubectl

Here’s a real example of how we use it in geodesic.

Uninstall a specific package

make -C uninstall yq

Makefile Inclusion

Sometimes it’s necessary to install some binary dependencies when building projects. For example, we frequently rely on gomplate or helm to build chart packages.

Here’s a stub you can include into a Makefile to make it easier to install binary dependencies.

export PACKAGES_VERSION ?= master
export PACKAGES_PATH ?= packages/
export INSTALL_PATH ?= $(PACKAGES_PATH)/vendor

## Install packages
        @if [ ! -d $(PACKAGES_PATH) ]; then \
          echo "Installing packages $(PACKAGES_VERSION)..."; \
          rm -rf $(PACKAGES_PATH); \
          git clone --depth=1 -b $(PACKAGES_VERSION) $(PACKAGES_PATH); \
          rm -rf $(PACKAGES_PATH)/.git; \

## Install package (e.g. helm, helmfile, kubectl)
packages/install/%: packages/install
        @make -C $(PACKAGES_PATH)/install $(subst packages/install/,,[email protected])

## Uninstall package (e.g. helm, helmfile, kubectl)
        @make -C $(PACKAGES_PATH)/uninstall $(subst packages/uninstall/,,[email protected])

Here’s a real example of how we use it.