Kiam: Error Detecting ARN Prefix: AWS Metadata API Not Available

Make sure your TLS certificates match the kiam-server hostname and that no orphaned iptable rules exist for legacy IAM metadata service such as kube2iam


When attempting to release kiam we’re running into this liveness probe issue:

Liveness probe failed: Get dial tcp getsockopt: connection refused

Inspecting the logs from the kiam-agent, reveals the following output:

➤  kubectl logs kiam-agent-pzvpt
{"level":"fatal","msg":"error creating server gateway: error waiting for address being available in the balancer: context deadline exceeded","time":"2018-07-02T15:05:28Z"}

The kiam-server also has problems:

{"level":"info","msg":"detecting arn prefix","time":"2018-07-02T17:17:12Z"}
{"level":"fatal","msg":"error creating listener: error detecting arn prefix: aws metadata api not available","time":"2018-07-02T17:17:13Z"}


Here are a few common causes of this problem:

  1. The TLS certs don’t match the hostname of the kiam-server. If using our script and helmfile, this should be mitigated.
  2. When upgrading from kube2iam to kiam, some iptables rules are orphaned that cause problems. Reboot all servers to flush orphaned iptables rules.
  3. Make sure any previous kube2iam helm release has been deleted