Terraform error: value of 'count' cannot be computed

Use of count on dynamic variables passed as inputs from other modules is not supported so pass explicit counts instead.


When running terraform apply, we encounter the following error. We’re passing a list of values from an output of one module as variable inputs to another module.

For example, we get the following error:

module.ec2_instance.module.label.null_resource.tags_as_list_of_maps: null_resource.tags_as_list_of_maps: value of 'count' cannot be computed


Terraform has well-known issues with counts in maps.

Terraform (in the current incarnation) is very sensitive to these two things:

  1. Dynamic counts across modules – when you have a dynamic count (calculated by some expression with input params) in one module and then use the module from other modules
  2. It does not especially like dynamic counts with maps and lists

Some know issues about that:

This issue has come up for us time and again. If a module has a map variable and has interpolation inside this map variable, count inside a module results in value of count that cannot be computed. It appears that this error only occurs when running terraform apply on a new environment, but not any existing environment! So the problem often goes unnoticed.

Here’s an example from one of our modules.

Here the count depends on the map and the input var.tags:

And here var.tags depends on the map, the other inputs and on the data provider:

This circular dependency breaks TF.

It’s very difficult to say for sure what’s going on, because it could work in some cases and in some environments, but not in the others (see the complaints in the issues above).

Unfortunately, this is not a good explanation. The Terraform community has been discussing the issue for years and can’t explain it either, probably because nobody fully understands the scope of the problem.

Here are a few ways to address it:

  1. Remove dynamic counts (provide explicit counts if possible, e.g. instance_count)
  2. Or, remove maps from counts
  3. Or, try to remove the data source (could work in some cases)
  4. Or, run terraform apply in multiple stages with -target (not a pretty solution)