Contributor Tips & Tricks


This document is intended to describe common and not-so-common processes that the contributor team executes as part of maintaining the 300+ open source projects within the Cloud Posse Organization.

Tips & Tricks

Update Multiple Repos at Once

To update many of the open source repos with a common change such as updating Terraform required_version pinning, adding GitHub actions, or updating pinned providers, the contributor team has adopted using microplane. This tool allows us to execute automated changes across dozens or even hundreds of our open source repos, which saves many hours of contributor time.

Here is a standard usage pattern that contributors can adopt to specific changes as they see fit:

  1. Download the microplane binary from their releases page

  2. Open your terminal, rename and add the downloaded binary into your $PATH, and add execution privileges to the binary:

    1. mv ~/Downloads/mp-0.0.21-darwin-amd64 /usr/local/bin/mp && chmod 755 /usr/local/bin/mp
  3. Add a GH Personal Access Token to your shell’s environment variables under the variable GITHUB_API_TOKEN:

  4. Change to an empty directory that you can use as a scratch workspace for your Many Repos change:

    1. mkdir ~/mp_workspace && cd ~/mp_workspace
  5. Initialize microplane:

    1. mp init --all-repos "cloudposse"
    2. Initializing creates an mp/ folder in your current directoy, finds all of the Cloud Posse public projects, and then creates an mp/init.json file describing them.
    3. NOTE: microplane supposedly has the ability to search against an organization and narrow the returned repos that end up in init.json, but that functionality seems buggy and not working. We do our repo filtering manually in the next step.
  6. Manually edit mp/init.json to only include the repos which you want to make changes against.

    1. Your editor’s multi-select and edit capabilities are your friend here! (or maybe some jq if that’s your thing)
    2. Duplicate the original init.json so you don’t need to re-run mp init in the case that you want to start fresh.
  7. Run microplane’s clone command to pull all of the repos specified in init.json down to your local machine for mass changes:

    1. mp clone
  8. Create a bash script to facilitate the changes that you’re attempting to make against the many repos you’ve specified.

    1. Use the microplane -r or --repo flag to operate on a single repo for testing your script prior to making the changes across all repos.
    2. Go through the full microplane process (complete the following steps) for this single repo test-run and get it signed off by the other Cloud Posse #contributors to ensure everyone agrees with the change prior to making it.
  9. Once you’ve got a script that is working like you expect, you can run the microplane plan command. This step executes the given script across all the repos specified in init.json and then commits the result. You should format your mp plan command as follows:

    ## What
    ## Why
    -- \
    sh -c $PWD/$

    NOTE the quotes around the message passing this as an argument to -m (message)

  10. Verify one of the repos that you’re updating exemplifies the changes you’re trying to make:

    1. cd mp/terraform-aws-tfstate-backend/plan/planned/
    2. git show
    3. Confirm the changes and commit message that you see are what you want to push.
  11. If everything looks legit, ship it:

    1. mp push -a $YOUR_GITHUB_USERNAME

That should cycle through all of the repos in init.json, pushing them to the branch you specified, and creating a PR against the master branch. Now go forth and run /test all against all of those PRs and ask some kind soul to help you get them merged 😎.