GitHub Contributors


Cloud Posse maintains 300+ projects under our GitHub organization. All of our projects have stemmed from past consulting engagements with our customers. Everything we do is Open Sourced under our GitHub under the permissive APACHE2 license. With so many projects, however, it wouldn’t be possible to maintain all of them if we didn’t have the support from our community and some tools to make life easier.

Our Tools

Here are some of the tools we depend on for running our Open Source organization.

Tool Description
geodesic Cloud Automation Shell that we use as the base Docker image for many of our projects
build-harness Our collection of GNU-style Makefiles for building stuff
README.yaml Our specification for generating beautiful READMEs
packages Our toolchain that we rely on throughout our projects
GitHub Actions Our CI/CD Platform

How to Become a Contributor

Becoming a contributor is easy. Just start opening Pull Requests with enhancements, bug fixes, or other improvements. Once we take notice, we’ll reach out to you. We recommend that you start by participating in the #pr-reviews channel. This way we’ll work with you directly.


  • Participate in Code Reviews. Help us out by reviewing pull requests from our community.
  • Report issues and provide feedback for how we can improve processes.
  • Help answer questions from our community of tens of thousands users from around the world.
  • Cutting releases when Pull Requests are merged to master.

Current Contributors

We’re grateful to our volunteers helping to review community pull requests.

Avatar GitHub Username Name
osterman @osterman Erik Osterman
aknysh @aknysh Andriy Knyshh
goruha @goruha Igor Rodionov
nuru @nuru Jeremy
jamengual @jamengual PePe Amengual
adamcrews @adamcrews Adam Crews
nitrocode @nitrocode Ronak
RothAndrew @RothAndrew Andrew Roth
Gowiem @Gowiem Matt Gowie