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🚀 Enhancements

[eks/karpenter-provisioner] minor improvements


  • [eks/karpenter-provisioner]:
    • Implement metadata_options
    • Avoid Terraform errors by marking Provisoner spec.requirements a computed field
    • Add explicit error message about Consolidation and TTL Seconds After Empty being mutually exclusive
    • Add instance-category and instance-generation to example in README
    • Make many inputs optional
  • [eks/karpenter] Update README to indicate that version 0.19 or later of Karpenter is required to work with this code.


  • Bug Fix: Input was there, but was being ignored, leading to unexpected behavior
  • If a requirement that had a default value was not supplied, Terraform would fail with an error about inconsistent plans because Karpenter would fill in the default
  • Show some default values and how to override them
  • Reduce the burden of supplying empty fields


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