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Datadog upgrades


  • Update Datadog components:
    • eks/datadog-agent see eks/datadog-agent/
    • datadog-configuration better handling of enabled = false
    • datadog-integration move "module count" back to "module" for better compatibility and maintainability, see datadog-integration/
    • datadog-lambda-forwared fix issues around enable = false and incomplete destruction of resources (particularly log groups) see datadog-lambda-forwarder/
    • Cleanup datadog-monitor see datadog-monitor/ for details. Possible breaking change in that several inputs have been removed, but they were previously ignored anyway, so no infrastructure change should result from you simply removing any inputs you had for the removed inputs.
    • Update datadog-sythetics dependency remote-state version
    • datadog-synthetics-private-location migrate control of namespace to helm-release module. Possible destruction and recreation of component on upgrade. See


  • More reliable deployments, especially when destroying or disabling them
  • Bug fixes and new features


Pull Requests