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Fix feature allowing IAM users to assume team roles


  • Replace deny_all_iam_users input with iam_users_enabled
  • Fix implementation
  • Provide more context for bats test failures


  • Cloud Posse style guide dictates that boolean feature flags have names ending with _enabled
  • Previous implementation only removed 1 of 2 policy provisions that blocked IAM users from assuming a role, and therefore IAM users were still not allowed to assume a role. Since the previous implementation did not work, a breaking change (changing the variable name) does not need major warnings or a major version bump.
  • Indication of what was being tested was too far removed from bats test failure message to be able to easily identify what module had failed


Currently, any component provisioned by SuperAdmin needs to have a special provider configuration that requires SuperAdmin to provision the component. This feature is part of what is needed to enable SuperAdmin (an IAM User) to work with "normal" provider configurations.


  • Breaks change introduced in , but that didn't work anyway.


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