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GitHub Actions


This is an opinionated composite Github Action that implements a workflow based on the popular `release-drafter` action to automatically draft releases with release notes that are derived from PR descriptions as they are merged into the default branch. ``` Under default settings, `auto-release` will also cut a new release from the default branch after every merge into it. However, releases are not cut for merges of pull requests with a `no-release` label attached. In that case, the release notes are left as a draft and a release with all unreleased changes will be made the next time a pull request without the `no-release` label is merged into the default branch.


This GitHub Action implement [workaround]( for the problem [`Combining job outputs with masking leads to empty output`]( The problem was described in [`GitHub Action documentation`]( - `Outputs containing secrets are redacted on the runner and not sent to GitHub Actions`.


This is a Github Action to validate the `CODEOWNERS` file by running a series of checks against the `CODEOWNERS` file to ensure that it's valid and well-linted. Ensuring your repository's `CODEOWNERS` file is valid can be critical to the development process if, for instance, your project uses [branch protection]( conditions that rely on definitions in `CODEOWNERS`.