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Component: mwaa

This component provisions Amazon managed workflows for Apache Airflow.

The s3 bucket dag_bucket stores DAGs to be executed by MWAA.

Access Modes


Allows the Airflow UI to be access over the public internet to users granted access by an IAM policy.


Limits access to users within the VPC to users granted access by an IAM policy.

  • MWAA creates a VPC interface endpoint for the Airflow webserver and an interface endpoint for the pgsql metadatabase.
    • the endpoints are created in the AZs mapped to your private subnets
  • MWAA binds an IP address from your private subnet to the interface endpoint

Managing access to VPC endpoings on MWAA

MWAA creates a VPC endpoint in each of the private subnets.


Stack Level: Regional

Here's an example snippet for how to use this component.

enabled: true
name: app
dag_processing_logs_enabled: true
dag_processing_logs_level: INFO
environment_class: mw1.small
airflow_version: 2.0.2


terraform>= 1.0.0
aws>= 4.0


aws>= 4.0






additional_tag_mapAdditional key-value pairs to add to each map in tags_as_list_of_maps. Not added to tags or id.
This is for some rare cases where resources want additional configuration of tags
and therefore take a list of maps with tag key, value, and additional configuration.
airflow_configuration_optionsThe Airflow override optionsmap(string){}no
airflow_versionAirflow version of the MWAA environment, will be set by default to the latest version that MWAA supports.string""no
allow_ingress_from_vpc_stagesList of stages to pull VPC ingress cidr and add to security grouplist(string)
allowed_cidr_blocksList of CIDR blocks to be allowed to connect to the MWAA clusterlist(string)[]no
allowed_security_groupsA list of IDs of Security Groups to allow access to the security group created by this module.list(string)[]no
allowed_web_access_role_arnsList of role ARNs to allow airflow web accesslist(string)[]no
allowed_web_access_role_namesList of role names to allow airflow web accesslist(string)[]no
attributesID element. Additional attributes (e.g. workers or cluster) to add to id,
in the order they appear in the list. New attributes are appended to the
end of the list. The elements of the list are joined by the delimiter
and treated as a single ID element.
contextSingle object for setting entire context at once.
See description of individual variables for details.
Leave string and numeric variables as null to use default value.
Individual variable settings (non-null) override settings in context object,
except for attributes, tags, and additional_tag_map, which are merged.
"additional_tag_map": {},
"attributes": [],
"delimiter": null,
"descriptor_formats": {},
"enabled": true,
"environment": null,
"id_length_limit": null,
"label_key_case": null,
"label_order": [],
"label_value_case": null,
"labels_as_tags": [
"name": null,
"namespace": null,
"regex_replace_chars": null,
"stage": null,
"tags": {},
"tenant": null
create_iam_roleEnabling or disabling the creatation of a default IAM Role for AWS MWAAbooltrueno
create_s3_bucketEnabling or disabling the creatation of an S3 bucket for AWS MWAAbooltrueno
dag_processing_logs_enabledEnabling or disabling the collection of logs for processing DAGsboolfalseno
dag_processing_logs_levelDAG processing logging level. Valid values: CRITICAL, ERROR, WARNING, INFO, DEBUGstring"INFO"no
dag_s3_pathPath to dags in s3string"dags"no
delimiterDelimiter to be used between ID elements.
Defaults to - (hyphen). Set to "" to use no delimiter at all.
descriptor_formatsDescribe additional descriptors to be output in the descriptors output map.
Map of maps. Keys are names of descriptors. Values are maps of the form
{<br/> format = string<br/> labels = list(string)<br/>}
(Type is any so the map values can later be enhanced to provide additional options.)
format is a Terraform format string to be passed to the format() function.
labels is a list of labels, in order, to pass to format() function.
Label values will be normalized before being passed to format() so they will be
identical to how they appear in id.
Default is {} (descriptors output will be empty).
enabledSet to false to prevent the module from creating any resourcesboolnullno
environmentID element. Usually used for region e.g. 'uw2', 'us-west-2', OR role 'prod', 'staging', 'dev', 'UAT'stringnullno
environment_classEnvironment class for the cluster. Possible options are mw1.small, mw1.medium, mw1.large.string"mw1.small"no
execution_role_arnIf create_iam_role is false then set this to the target MWAA execution rolestring""no
id_length_limitLimit id to this many characters (minimum 6).
Set to 0 for unlimited length.
Set to null for keep the existing setting, which defaults to 0.
Does not affect id_full.
label_key_caseControls the letter case of the tags keys (label names) for tags generated by this module.
Does not affect keys of tags passed in via the tags input.
Possible values: lower, title, upper.
Default value: title.
label_orderThe order in which the labels (ID elements) appear in the id.
Defaults to ["namespace", "environment", "stage", "name", "attributes"].
You can omit any of the 6 labels ("tenant" is the 6th), but at least one must be present.
label_value_caseControls the letter case of ID elements (labels) as included in id,
set as tag values, and output by this module individually.
Does not affect values of tags passed in via the tags input.
Possible values: lower, title, upper and none (no transformation).
Set this to title and set delimiter to "" to yield Pascal Case IDs.
Default value: lower.
labels_as_tagsSet of labels (ID elements) to include as tags in the tags output.
Default is to include all labels.
Tags with empty values will not be included in the tags output.
Set to [] to suppress all generated tags.
The value of the name tag, if included, will be the id, not the name.
Unlike other null-label inputs, the initial setting of labels_as_tags cannot be
changed in later chained modules. Attempts to change it will be silently ignored.
max_workersThe maximum number of workers that can be automatically scaled up. Value need to be between 1 and 25.number10no
min_workersThe minimum number of workers that you want to run in your environment.number1no
nameID element. Usually the component or solution name, e.g. 'app' or 'jenkins'.
This is the only ID element not also included as a tag.
The "name" tag is set to the full id string. There is no tag with the value of the name input.
namespaceID element. Usually an abbreviation of your organization name, e.g. 'eg' or 'cp', to help ensure generated IDs are globally uniquestringnullno
plugins_s3_object_versionThe file version you want to use.stringnullno
plugins_s3_pathThe relative path to the file on your Amazon S3 storage bucket. For example, If a relative path is provided in the request, then plugins_s3_object_version is requiredstringnullno
regex_replace_charsTerraform regular expression (regex) string.
Characters matching the regex will be removed from the ID elements.
If not set, "/[^a-zA-Z0-9-]/" is used to remove all characters other than hyphens, letters and digits.
regionAWS Regionstringn/ayes
requirements_s3_object_versionThe requirements.txt file version youstringnullno
requirements_s3_pathThe relative path to the requirements.txt file on your Amazon S3 storage bucket. For example, requirements.txt. If a relative path is provided in the request, then requirements_s3_object_version is requiredstringnullno
scheduler_logs_enabledEnabling or disabling the collection of logs for the schedulersboolfalseno
scheduler_logs_levelSchedulers logging level. Valid values: CRITICAL, ERROR, WARNING, INFO, DEBUGstring"INFO"no
source_bucket_arnSet this to the Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of your Amazon S3 storage bucket.stringnullno
stageID element. Usually used to indicate role, e.g. 'prod', 'staging', 'source', 'build', 'test', 'deploy', 'release'stringnullno
tagsAdditional tags (e.g. {'BusinessUnit': 'XYZ'}).
Neither the tag keys nor the tag values will be modified by this module.
task_logs_enabledEnabling or disabling the collection of logs for DAG tasksboolfalseno
task_logs_levelDAG tasks logging level. Valid values: CRITICAL, ERROR, WARNING, INFO, DEBUGstring"INFO"no
tenantID element _(Rarely used, not included by default)_. A customer identifier, indicating who this instance of a resource is forstringnullno
webserver_access_modeSpecifies whether the webserver is accessible over the internet, PUBLIC_ONLY or PRIVATE_ONLYstring"PRIVATE_ONLY"no
webserver_logs_enabledEnabling or disabling the collection of logs for the webserversboolfalseno
webserver_logs_levelWebserver logging level. Valid values: CRITICAL, ERROR, WARNING, INFO, DEBUGstring"INFO"no
weekly_maintenance_window_startSpecifies the start date for the weekly maintenance window.stringnullno
worker_logs_enabledEnabling or disabling the collection of logs for the workersboolfalseno
worker_logs_levelWorkers logging level. Valid values: CRITICAL, ERROR, WARNING, INFO, DEBUGstring"INFO"no


arnARN of MWAA environment.
created_atThe Created At date of the Amazon MWAA Environment
execution_role_arnIAM Role ARN for Amazon MWAA Execution Role
logging_configurationThe Logging Configuration of the MWAA Environment
s3_bucket_arnID of S3 bucket.
security_group_idID of the MWAA Security Group(s)
service_role_arnThe Service Role ARN of the Amazon MWAA Environment
statusThe status of the Amazon MWAA Environment
tags_allA map of tags assigned to the resource, including those inherited from the provider for the Amazon MWAA Environment
webserver_urlThe webserver URL of the Amazon MWAA Environment