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Submodule roles-to-principals

This submodule is used by other modules to map short role names and AWS SSO Permission Set names in accounts designated by short account names (for example, terraform in the dev account) to full IAM Role ARNs and other related tasks.

Special Configuration Needed

As with iam-roles, in order to avoid having to pass customization information through every module that uses this submodule, if the default configuration does not suit your needs, you are expected to add to override the variables with the defaults you want to use in your project. For example, if you are not using "core" as the tenant portion of your "root" account (your Organization Management Account), then you should include the variable "overridable_global_tenant_name" declaration in your so that overridable_global_tenant_name defaults to the value you are using (or the empty string if you are not using tenant at all).