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Component: glue/job

This component provisions Glue jobs.


Stack Level: Regional

component: glue/job
enabled: true
name: example
job_description: Glue job example
glue_version: "2.0"
worker_type: Standard
number_of_workers: 2
max_retries: 2
timeout: 20
glue_iam_component_name: "glue/iam"
glue_job_s3_bucket_component_name: "s3/datalake"
glue_job_s3_bucket_script_path: "glue/"
glue_job_command_name: glueetl
glue_job_command_python_version: 3


terraform>= 1.3.0
aws>= 4.0
utils>= 1.15.0


aws>= 4.0




aws_iam_policy_document.glue_job_aws_tools_accessdata source


additional_tag_mapAdditional key-value pairs to add to each map in tags_as_list_of_maps. Not added to tags or id.
This is for some rare cases where resources want additional configuration of tags
and therefore take a list of maps with tag key, value, and additional configuration.
attributesID element. Additional attributes (e.g. workers or cluster) to add to id,
in the order they appear in the list. New attributes are appended to the
end of the list. The elements of the list are joined by the delimiter
and treated as a single ID element.
commandThe command of the jobmap(any)nullno
connectionsThe list of connections used for this joblist(string)nullno
contextSingle object for setting entire context at once.
See description of individual variables for details.
Leave string and numeric variables as null to use default value.
Individual variable settings (non-null) override settings in context object,
except for attributes, tags, and additional_tag_map, which are merged.
"additional_tag_map": {},
"attributes": [],
"delimiter": null,
"descriptor_formats": {},
"enabled": true,
"environment": null,
"id_length_limit": null,
"label_key_case": null,
"label_order": [],
"label_value_case": null,
"labels_as_tags": [
"name": null,
"namespace": null,
"regex_replace_chars": null,
"stage": null,
"tags": {},
"tenant": null
default_argumentsThe map of default arguments for the job. You can specify arguments here that your own job-execution script consumes, as well as arguments that AWS Glue itself consumesmap(string)nullno
delimiterDelimiter to be used between ID elements.
Defaults to - (hyphen). Set to "" to use no delimiter at all.
descriptor_formatsDescribe additional descriptors to be output in the descriptors output map.
Map of maps. Keys are names of descriptors. Values are maps of the form
{<br/> format = string<br/> labels = list(string)<br/>}
(Type is any so the map values can later be enhanced to provide additional options.)
format is a Terraform format string to be passed to the format() function.
labels is a list of labels, in order, to pass to format() function.
Label values will be normalized before being passed to format() so they will be
identical to how they appear in id.
Default is {} (descriptors output will be empty).
enabledSet to false to prevent the module from creating any resourcesboolnullno
environmentID element. Usually used for region e.g. 'uw2', 'us-west-2', OR role 'prod', 'staging', 'dev', 'UAT'stringnullno
execution_propertyExecution property of the job
# The maximum number of concurrent runs allowed for the job. The default is 1.
max_concurrent_runs = number
glue_iam_component_nameGlue IAM component name. Used to get the Glue IAM role from the remote statestring"glue/iam"no
glue_job_command_nameThe name of the job command. Defaults to glueetl. Use pythonshell for Python Shell Job Type, or gluestreaming for Streaming Job Type. max_capacity needs to be set if pythonshell is chosenstring"glueetl"no
glue_job_command_python_versionThe Python version being used to execute a Python shell job. Allowed values are 2, 3 or 3.9. Version 3 refers to Python 3.6number3no
glue_job_s3_bucket_component_nameGlue job S3 bucket component name. Used to get the remote state of the S3 bucket where the Glue job script is locatedstringnullno
glue_job_s3_bucket_script_pathGlue job script path in the S3 bucketstringnullno
glue_versionThe version of Glue to usestring"2.0"no
id_length_limitLimit id to this many characters (minimum 6).
Set to 0 for unlimited length.
Set to null for keep the existing setting, which defaults to 0.
Does not affect id_full.
job_descriptionGlue job descriptionstringnullno
job_nameGlue job name. If not provided, the name will be generated from the contextstringnullno
label_key_caseControls the letter case of the tags keys (label names) for tags generated by this module.
Does not affect keys of tags passed in via the tags input.
Possible values: lower, title, upper.
Default value: title.
label_orderThe order in which the labels (ID elements) appear in the id.
Defaults to ["namespace", "environment", "stage", "name", "attributes"].
You can omit any of the 6 labels ("tenant" is the 6th), but at least one must be present.
label_value_caseControls the letter case of ID elements (labels) as included in id,
set as tag values, and output by this module individually.
Does not affect values of tags passed in via the tags input.
Possible values: lower, title, upper and none (no transformation).
Set this to title and set delimiter to "" to yield Pascal Case IDs.
Default value: lower.
labels_as_tagsSet of labels (ID elements) to include as tags in the tags output.
Default is to include all labels.
Tags with empty values will not be included in the tags output.
Set to [] to suppress all generated tags.
The value of the name tag, if included, will be the id, not the name.
Unlike other null-label inputs, the initial setting of labels_as_tags cannot be
changed in later chained modules. Attempts to change it will be silently ignored.
max_capacityThe maximum number of AWS Glue data processing units (DPUs) that can be allocated when the job runs. Required when pythonshell is set, accept either 0.0625 or 1.0. Use number_of_workers and worker_type arguments instead with glue_version 2.0 and abovenumbernullno
max_retriesThe maximum number of times to retry the job if it failsnumbernullno
nameID element. Usually the component or solution name, e.g. 'app' or 'jenkins'.
This is the only ID element not also included as a tag.
The "name" tag is set to the full id string. There is no tag with the value of the name input.
namespaceID element. Usually an abbreviation of your organization name, e.g. 'eg' or 'cp', to help ensure generated IDs are globally uniquestringnullno
non_overridable_argumentsNon-overridable arguments for this job, specified as name-value pairsmap(string)nullno
notification_propertyNotification property of the job
# After a job run starts, the number of minutes to wait before sending a job run delay notification
notify_delay_after = number
number_of_workersThe number of workers of a defined worker_type that are allocated when a job runsnumbernullno
regex_replace_charsTerraform regular expression (regex) string.
Characters matching the regex will be removed from the ID elements.
If not set, "/[^a-zA-Z0-9-]/" is used to remove all characters other than hyphens, letters and digits.
regionAWS Regionstringn/ayes
security_configurationThe name of the Security Configuration to be associated with the jobstringnullno
stageID element. Usually used to indicate role, e.g. 'prod', 'staging', 'source', 'build', 'test', 'deploy', 'release'stringnullno
tagsAdditional tags (e.g. {'BusinessUnit': 'XYZ'}).
Neither the tag keys nor the tag values will be modified by this module.
tenantID element _(Rarely used, not included by default)_. A customer identifier, indicating who this instance of a resource is forstringnullno
timeoutThe job timeout in minutes. The default is 2880 minutes (48 hours) for glueetl and pythonshell jobs, and null (unlimted) for gluestreaming jobsnumber2880no
worker_typeThe type of predefined worker that is allocated when a job runs. Accepts a value of Standard, G.1X, or G.2Xstringnullno


job_arnGlue job ARN
job_idGlue job ID
job_nameGlue job name